עַם פֶּסַח

Editorial – Summer 2015

Welcome to Passover People and our first editorial.

It is July 2015 and it may be some time since your previous visit or you may be a newcomer.  Whichever you are, welcome.

These Editorials will highlight new material, draw attention to previously published material and to matters of the moment.

Passover People has now been in action for some time.  A body of work is growing  and steadily a worldwide following is developing.  More of that later.

In this first Editorial, we highlight the group of essays published here concerning time and the first century Hebrew calendar.   Three essays have been published during July and the subject is already a matter of lively discussion off-line and on.

The first  is headed “Time   introducing the matter of time and its interplay with space.  Different cultures perceive time differently and measure it with reference to different objects, eg sun and moon.

Hebrew Calendar” is focussed on how the year and the day were measured in first century Yisra’el.  A little is written about the introduction of the hebrew Calendar and how the time was to be used.  We hope you find it all leads you to insight, surprise and even amazement.

As to the world-wide growth of Passover People, during July already we know that visits spending time reading come from such widely dispersed places, as Florencio Varela to Yokohama, Sodertalje to Vancouver.  During the whole year of 2014 we had a total of 1,103 visits.   In one month, July 2015, we have 773to date and hope for close to 1,000 by the end of the month.  As well as  numbers, spread has developed, especially in the far east and USA.  Time spent on this site has also gone up.

And to conclude this first editorial, the more subscribers we have the better.  Subscribers receive alerts and get us a higher profile with Google which means more visitors.  Thank you to our existing Subscribers.  You too can become a subscriber by going to the About, Passover Essays or Links pages.

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