עַם פֶּסַח


Passover People exists to answer this question:

What was Jesus/Yeshua doing the evening before he was executed?

Christians have been taught to answer:  “He was ‘instituting’ the Eucharist/Holy Communion/Lord’s Supper.”

Jews will say: “He was keeping the Festival of Passover.”

Passover People has come to the conclusion that: “Jesus/Yeshua was indeed keeping the Festival of Passover with all of his disciples, viz 120 men, women & children and not, as is commonly thought, the twelve only.”

Perhaps you recoil against this view.  We hope you keep in touch with developments on our site and in time you may even be persuaded.  We are glad to have you with us whether your mind is open or closed.

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You will find here only our understanding resulting from our own study of God’s word and attention to His Spirit; no claim is made to authority.

You will see the text being opened up in our many essays, hopefully encouraging you to go and study for yourself.  You will find such study easier to do if you, like us, set aside the doctrines of the church and the academy; instead, relying upon the ancient text of scripture.

Our most useful offering is the material we continue to develop, enabling your congregation, synagogue or other gathering, to reconstruct the Passover of the first century that Yeshua/Jesus was eating with his disciples, the evening before he was executed (ie while the second Temple was still standing).

You can contact us to enquire further or to invite us to put on a reconstruction for you,  at any time convenient for yourselves. 

Our purpose is only to offer education and insight, rather than a Passover per se, or a contemporary Jewish Seder/Haggadah.

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